About Us

FON Engineering was founded in 1990. In 1997, a number of experts joined FON, who on the basis of their knowledge, experience and business contacts started to build a company which specialized in air conditioning, which soon achieved recognition in the region. At the beginning, the company had only around a dozen employees, and was primarily in the service business.

Over time, by adapting to the various economic conditions and new technological achievements, FON Engineering started its own production line. We started out by producing rectangular ducts made of galvanized sheet metal, which was quickly followed by the production of duct type electric heaters, kitchen funnels and noise silencers.

Since 2009, FON Engineering has been producing spiral duct, which are mainly used in air conditioning.

For the purpose of a high-quality assembly and installation, FON Engineering has formed a mobile workshop for the production of air duct made of galvanized sheet metal whose cross-cut is rectangular, and which, should the investor need or demand it, can be set up on the building site within two days.

Today the company numbers around 35 employees, and has its own engineering core. Our main activities include:

  • Production

    Production takes place in a newly build hall with a surface of 550 m², located 11 km from the center of the city of Niš in the vicinity of the Niš-Belgrade highway.

  • Technical operation and engineering

    The technical operation and engineering section consists of our experts from the field of thermo-technology, who are in charge of engineering, design, the preparation and execution of the installation process.

  • The commercial and financial sector

    This sector mainly deals with contracting jobs, marketing, trade and accounting.

  • The general business affairs section

    The general business affairs section takes care of our employees and safety at work.