Products Grease Filters

Grease filters are installed for the purpose of preventing fat build-up in canals and ventilators. Their application is typical in kitchen and canteen ventilation systems, in addition to various similar facilities. Filter replacements are made from expanded Al sheet metal.

Grease filters make up a special group and are used in kitchen ventilation, canteens and other similar facilities. They are installed to prevent and grease build-up in the canals and ventilators. Filter replacements are made from expanded Al sheet metal. When necessary, the filters are washed in detergent or some other de-greasing solution (non-aggressive to aluminum). Filters are installed with visible curves with a built-in frame or without one.

Flame retardant grease filter, type PNF

This filter is meant for kitchens, where there is an increased risk of fire, fat and grime build-up in the extraction system. As a rule it is used as the first part in a combined filter; only rarely is it used as an individual filter. It consists of appropriately molded sheet metal lamellas which are separated from each other and position in two rows. The smooth surfaces of the lamellas enable proper drainage of the grease residue, so that the filter mainly is able to self-clean, but is still dishwasher proof. The sharp curves between the lamellas prevent the flames from entering the funnel, if they were to accidentally appear on the work surface.

The flame retardant filter also has the following advantages:

  • a high degree of grease isolation (up to 90 %)
  • is a relatively small obstruction to the air flow.

Combined grease filters, type KFM

The characteristics of this filter are:

  • a high degree of grease drainage (over 95 %)
  • the prevention of flames reaching the extraction system
  • easy maintenance and cleaning – dishwasher safe. We should bear in mind that the performance for grease extraction is greater for an economic when compared to a regular funnel, as there is increased filter fracture, which leads to increased moisture and grease condensation. This at the same time satisfies the basic criteria for polluted air filtering quality in hotels and kitchens.