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The recuperator manufactured by FON ENGINEERING can be used to achieve energy efficient space ventilation. The heat energy which is saved with the use of a recuperator is around 50% of the energy needed to heat a room.

The recuperator is a device which in addition to two ventilators also contains a heat exchanger. The polluted air gives off a part of its heat energy to the fresh air being injected into the room. The device is compact and only takes up a little space so that it can even be installed on the ceiling. The walls of the device are made of isolated panels, 25 mm thick. It is possible to install a recuperator both in a vertical and horizontal position. Filter maintenance and cleaning are simple procedures. It is possible to install various other additional elements and equipment such as: blinds, a circular adapter, a water or electric heater, an external heating unit and a control table which can regulate speed.


For the ventilation of offices, hotels, restaurants, theaters, homes and the like.

Basic work principle:

The installation of a recuperator into the ventilation systems saves a significant amount of energy needed to heat or cool air.

A / B3004005006007008009001000
500 / 500        
625 / 625        
750 / 750        
1000 / 1000        
1250 / 1250        
A / B        
500 / 500300400500     
Q (m3/h) max81010781359     
Flow speed Vmax (m/s)3 m/s3 m/s3 m/s     
A / B        
625 / 625300400500600    
Q (m3/h) max1012135016872025    
Flow speed Vmax (m/s)3 m/s3 m/s3 m/s3 m/s    
A / B        
750 /750  500600700800  
Q (m3/h) max  2025243028353240  
Flow speed Vmax (m/s) 3 m/s3 m/s3 m/s3 m/s  
A / B        
1000 / 10005006007008009001000
Q (m3/h) max270032003780432048605400
Flow speed Vmax (m/s)3 m/s3 m/s3 m/s3 m/s3 m/s3 m/s
A / B        
1250 / 12505006007008009001000
Q (m3/h) max337540504725540060756750
Flow speed Vmax (m/s)  3 m/s3 m/s3 m/s3 m/s3 m/s3 m/s